On this show Sir Daniel and Jay Ray will discuss artists whose careers suddenly veered off course. Some are still active on the scene while others are mostly missing in action. Who are some of your favorites? Join us for the discussion of artists whose momentum was interrupted.

We catch the crew up on Prince protégé Rosie Gaines, and discuss albums that either never got out of concept phase, or did, but were never released in the United States including The Roots' Black Thought's fabled "Masterpiece Theatre," Kelis' "Wanderland" and Amerie's "Because I Love It." We also gush over DJ Sir Daniel's Earworm of the Week "Midnight Snacks" by Kelis.

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Links from the show:

Love 4 Rosie Show on the Podcast on Prince - https://qpnt.net/love4rosie

"The Curious Case of Tevin Campbell" by L. Michael Gipson - https://qpnt.net/tcctc

Amerie "Because I Love It" Pitchfork Review - https://qpnt.net/bgASg1

Black Thought “Hardware” - https://qpnt.net/775AxM

Kelis "Wanderland" on Spotify - https://qpnt.net/rJntg5

Kelis "Midnight Snacks" on YouTube - https://qpnt.net/midnightsnacks

“Roots' Black Thought Busy With Album, Movies” via MTV - https://qpnt.net/k5EUKu

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