Cringe Songs & Transformative Justice w/ Shannon Perez-Darby and Tashmica Torok of Popaganda Podcast
May 28, 202401:06:59

Cringe Songs & Transformative Justice w/ Shannon Perez-Darby and Tashmica Torok of Popaganda Podcast

In this episode of Queue Points, co-hosts Jay Ray and DJ Sir Daniel are joined by Tashmica Torok and Shannon Perez-Darby from the @ThePopagandaPodcast. They discuss the complexities of supporting some of our favorite pop culture moments, problematic faves, the importance of accountability, the impact of pop culture on society, and creating safer communities for women. The conversation delves into how recognizable tracks like Shaggy's 'It Wasn't Me' and Prince's 'Head' resonate with listeners despite their problematic lyrics, and explores the broader implications of sexual violence and transformative justice.This episode is a journey into the intersections of music, culture, and justice.

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00:00 How To Support Queue Points
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02:08 Intro Theme (Music by Danya Vodovoz)
02:39 Welcome to Queue Points
04:13 Episode Theme: Cringe Songs and Their Impact
04:38 Merchandise and Community Shoutouts
06:41 Introducing Special Guests: Tashmica and Shannon
09:58 Popaganda Podcast: Origins and Themes
14:01 Cringe Songs: Personal Favorites and Reflections
20:53 Pop Culture and Transformative Justice
27:27 Would you rather be in the woods with a bear or a man?
28:20 Were the societal norms we were taught about romance ever even true?
38:41 MPN Network Mid-Roll Ad
40:03 Accountability and Redemption in Pop Culture
50:33 Navigating Personal Safety
53:02 Systemic Harm and Accountability
55:37 Problematic Faves in Music
56:34 Advice to Problematic Artists
57:34 Lizzo and the Challenges of Fame
59:39 Nicki Minaj and Personal Accountability
01:02:32 Where can folks connect with Popaganda?
01:05:30 Transition
01:05:35 Final Reflections and Farewell
01:06:38 Closing Theme

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Opening Theme: Music by Danya Vodovoz
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