'One Mic', the Super Bowl's Black Music History & the Legacy of Usher (Guest: Michael Motley)
Queue PointsMarch 03, 202401:14:53

'One Mic', the Super Bowl's Black Music History & the Legacy of Usher (Guest: Michael Motley)

In this episode of Queue Points, DJ Sir Daniel and Jay Ray take a deep dive into the career and legacy of Grammy-winning, multi-talented artist, Usher Raymond. The podcast also explores Usher's contributions to diversifying the Black music scene, his 2024 Super Bowl performance, and his new album ‘Coming Home’. Additionally, the hosts welcome guest Michael Motley, a Black history podcaster, who discusses the history of Black music performers and their role in creating the modern Super Bowl halftime show. Motley shares insights about his podcast One Mic Black History and the way it illuminates lesser-known aspects of Black history.

Michael Motley Bio
Michael Motley is a cloud engineer and podcaster, specializing in Black history and championing its integral role in American history. According to Motley, “My initiative is to shine a spotlight on lesser-known Black historical figures and events, and illustrate their profound impact.”

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Read “The Boring Super Bowl” by Michael Motley: https://qpnt.net/LMfx

Watch "The Story of "In Living Color" and the Super Bowl Halftime": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VU5vwucJsik

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00:00 Intro Theme (Music by Danya Vodovoz)
00:30 Introduction and Welcoming Remarks
00:49 Discussing Black History Month and Recent Events
01:43 Engaging with the Queue Points Community
03:04 Promoting Queue Points Merchandise
04:07 Transition
04:14 Introducing Special Guest: Michael Motley
05:42 Michael Motley's Journey with One Mic Black History
07:47 The Impact of One Mic Black History
09:03 Discussing Super Bowl Halftime Shows
24:16 TROY Podcast Mid-Roll Ad
25:02 Reflecting on Usher's Career
39:15 Usher's Diamond Selling Album and the Role of Controversy
41:15 Usher's Hit Song 'Yeah' and its Cultural Impact
42:00 The Influence of Atlanta and Crunk Music on Usher's Career
42:56 People Dislike 'OMG'
43:58 Usher's Musical Pivot and the Impact on His Career
46:19 Why Don't Folks Like 'My Boo'
50:07 Usher's Legacy and His Impact on the Music Industry
54:06 Usher's New Album 'Coming Home' and Its Reception
01:01:48 The Future of Usher's Career and His Potential Retirement
01:11:29 The Importance of Voting and Making a Difference
01:14:32 Closing Theme

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Opening Theme: Music by Danya Vodovoz

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