Slow Jams, Intimacy and Vulnerability With Whitney Jones of Slow Drag | Show No. 131
Queue PointsFebruary 13, 202401:00:39

Slow Jams, Intimacy and Vulnerability With Whitney Jones of Slow Drag | Show No. 131

Whitney Jones, founder of Atlanta-based event @slowdragatl is here to discuss her journey and the significance of slow jams in reconnecting Black folks to one another. The trio chat about the way Black culture engages with music, and the restorative potential of slow jams for eliciting vulnerability and intimacy within the community. Whitney shares the importance of Slow Drag being an intentionally created space for Black people, that fosters genuine connections and allows for healing through music.

00:00 Intro Theme (Music by @DanyaVodovoz)
00:30 Introduction and Welcome
00:50 Catching Up With Each Other
02:05 The Importance of Subscribing and Supporting Queue Points
03:37 Valentine's Day: A Discussion
07:44 Childhood Memories of Valentine's Day
10:37 Transition
10:46 Welcome Whitney Jones of Slow Drag
11:56 The Creation and Evolution of Slow Drag
15:24 The Importance of Teamwork in Slow Drag
21:48 The Experience of Slow Drag
23:44 Do you have to bring a date or my partner to Slow Drag?
25:03 Will there ever be a non-420 friendly Slow Drag?
26:42 The Importance of Slowing Down
27:46 The Impact of Slow Drag on Party Scene
28:56 @troypodcast Mid-Roll
29:42 The Importance of Connection in Black Community
32:08 The Inclusivity of Slow Drag and How All Black Folks are Welcome in the Space
36:19 Transition
36:26 The Importance of Men Coming Out and Looking Fly
46:19 The Importance of Black People Being Vulnerable With One Another
49:47 What are your favorite slow jams?
54:54 Where can people stay in touch with Whitney and purchase tickets to Slow Drag?
57:56 Conclusion: The Healing Power of Slow Jams
01:00:18 Closing Theme

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About Slow Drag
Slow Drag is an elevated dance experience with a focus on 70’s soul, jazz, blues, and R&B slow jams to inspire intimacy. With a heavy emphasis on the preservation of Black music, Slow Drag’s mission is to bring Black folk together in a space that not only uplifts the sounds at the heart of Black music but also encourages us to be vulnerable with each other.

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Opening Theme: Music by Danya Vodovoz

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