"Iesha," Kris Kross and the Child Icons of 90s Music
June 11, 202400:50:55

"Iesha," Kris Kross and the Child Icons of 90s Music

In this episode of Queue Points, DJ Sir Daniel and Jay Ray dive into the world of kid music stars who became icons. They discuss the impact and legacy of Tracie Spencer and groups such as The Boys, Another Bad Creation (ABC), Immature, and Kris Kross, noting how ABC's "Iesha" kicked off a new renaissance of young stars. The hosts reflect on the challenges child stars face in the music industry, share personal memories, and explore the lasting impression these young artists left on Black music history.

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00:00 How To Support Queue Points
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02:08 Intro Theme (Music by Danya Vodovoz)
02:39 Welcome to Queue Points Podcast
04:56 Slow Jams Can Heal Us Campaign
07:48 The Rise of 90s Kid Groups
14:48 The Boys and Tracie Spencer: 80s to 90s Transition
24:58 Another Bad Creation and the 90s Kid Group Explosion
29:16 MPN Network Mid-Roll Ad
30:39 The Rise of Immature
36:46 Kris Kross and the Evolution of Kid Rap Groups
43:36 The Struggles of Child Stars in the Music Industry
49:00 Wrapping Up and Final Thoughts
50:34 Closing Theme

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Opening Theme: Music by Danya Vodovoz

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