A Conversation on the Healing Power of Dance Music
March 17, 2024

A Conversation on the Healing Power of Dance Music

Jay RayJay RayCo-Host

On this episode of Queue Points podcast, hosts DJ Sir Daniel and Jay Ray discuss the misunderstanding and underappreciation of House music in today's pop culture, using a recent tweet, by @thunter86, about the current music era as a springboard. They argue against the claim that we're in a grand House renaissance, pointing out that while House continues to thrive in specific circles, it hasn’t significantly penetrated the mainstream pop scene as some believe. The discussion moves on to the impact of Beyonce's 'Renaissance' album and its potential to inspire a broader acceptance of House and dance music. The hosts share their nostalgia for the vibrant dance culture of the past and bemoan the modern music scene's lean towards sadder, less danceable tracks. They champion the myriad benefits of dance, recalling personal experiences with dance music from their youth and discussing the physical and emotional health benefits of dancing. The episode also includes reflections on how music influences community and individual well-being, advocating for more joyous, danceable music in the mainstream to enhance communal joy and individual health.

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