The Art and Business of Songwriting (Guest: Brian Patrick Davis)
April 16, 2024

The Art and Business of Songwriting (Guest: Brian Patrick Davis)

Jay RayJay RayCo-Host
Sunny BeeSunny BeePlaylist Curator

In this episode of Queue Points, hosts DJ Sir Daniel and Jay Ray are joined by guest Brian Patrick Davis, a digital artist, creative director and songwriter. The discussion provides a deep dive into the nuances of songwriting, music creation, and navigating the music business. Brian shares his journey and the importance of collaboration, giving practical advice to aspiring songwriters on protecting their work and emphasizing the value of honest and genuine songwriting. They also address the challenges songwriters face within the industry, including publishing and credit disputes, highlighting the need for fairness and a potential union for creatives. Brian offers a nuanced perspective on songwriting and the music industry, making it an enlightening episode for music creators and enthusiasts alike.

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Brian Patrick Davis Bio:

Brian Patrick Davis is a full-time digital artist and admitted nerd with over ten years of experience working as a creative force in the music industry. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Brian got an early leg up into the city's tight-knit creative community.

Brian has a large variety of interests, ranging from film, photography, creative writing and cooking. He loves Starbucks, Thai food, karaoke and is a proud studio rat, frequently writing, recording and vocal producing with several producers and some of the industry’s brightest singer-songwriters. As a digital artist and creative director, he is heavily inspired and moved by music. The compositions and lyrics vividly paint pictures that he communicates visually with vibrant colors and provocative imagery. With digital artwork and prints, he expresses the clear correlation between aesthetic and sound.

Davis lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where he continues to work and innovate with his team, the creative collective Etcetera Production Group. Though known for his infectious personality and fast-talk, Brian has always been a little camera shy. Joining the ranks of his amazing co-hosts at The CrewLuv Show, Ace and HD, has been a welcomed new and exciting challenge.


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No. 138 - The Art and Business of Songwriting (Guest: Brian Patrick Davis).

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