And The Beat Don't Stop: Empress Rah and Tosha Love on the Future of Hip Hop
April 23, 2024

And The Beat Don't Stop: Empress Rah and Tosha Love on the Future of Hip Hop

For Women’s History Month 2024, DJ Sir Daniel and Jay Ray hosted a live audience at JBs Record Lounge in Atlanta to celebrate the contributions of women to hip hop in Atlanta beyond. The hosts are joined by guests Tosha Love and Empress Rah, and they explore the changing landscape of music discovery from traditional radio to social media. The discussion covers a broad range of topics including Black music history, the significance of community and college radio in hip hop culture, and the necessary evolution towards honoring talent and creativity over mere record sales. Challenges and personal anecdotes from the industry highlight the importance of supporting genuine artists through new and grassroots means. The episode encapsulates the need for unity, respect, innovation in hip hop, and the role of technology in uncovering and promoting new talents, concluding with a call to action for listeners to engage with and support upcoming artists.

Tosha Love Bio

Tosha Love, also known as “The Dimepiece of Radio,” has had an illustrious career as the Assistant Program Director and Music Director at Atlanta’s V-103 for a decade. 

Tosha Love’s groundbreaking achievements include being the first female to hold the coveted positions of Assistant Program Director at V-103. Tosha’s impact extended beyond administrative roles. She played a pivotal role in introducing Hip-Hop to V-103, a station previously focused on R&B. She broke several hit records, including Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together,” Tank’s “Maybe I Deserve,” Avant’s “Separated,” and Robin Thicke’s “Lost Without You.” She also championed Atlanta artists like Jagged Edge, 112, Outkast, Sammy, Lloyd and Jarvis.

Currently, you can find Tosha Love dabbling in television as the "Music Industry Insider" on The Culture with Farajji Muhammad airing on the Roland Martin BlackStar Network.

Empress Rah Bio

Empress Rah is an Atlanta-based Open Format DJ, creative, and entrepreneur, bringing a diverse, eclectic energy that undoubtedly unites people from different backgrounds under one sound. As a deep music lover and advocate for her culture, she plays an integral role in the vibrant music community and is one of the driving forces behind Controllerise, a renowned community music collective.

Empress Rah is known for fusing genre-bending sounds that create a lasting impression for her audience. Her vibe is as powerful as her name suggests, and no matter the occasion or event, after an encounter with her music, you will know what it means to 'Live in the Moment.'"

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No. 139 - And The Beat Don't Stop: Empress Rah and Tosha Love on the Future of Hip Hop.

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